Five Must-Haves For A Cozy Reading Experience

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Every reader is different — from the genre to the format, and even in the routines and habits. As time goes by, our reading tastes and habits grow. Through the years, I’ve realized how I’ve changed personally as a bookworm, whereas I used to only read YA books, now I read mostly adult in the romance genre. In terms of the format, I used to buy physical copies most of the time, but ever since I got my first Kindle, Penny in 2020, I’ve read digitally 90% of the time.

I’ve never been good with sticking to a routine, and I’ve always been a mood reader. I personally don’t believe this reflects entirely who I am as a person, but it does say a lot about how I enjoy my reading experience.

Here are five must-haves to enjoy a cozy reading experience at home!

  1. Set-up a reader spot
    It’s important to find a quiet spot with good or natural lighting can allow you to fully immerse yourself into the story — probably on a window seat. If you live in a colder region, find a warm spot, maybe by the fireplace or just grab a soft quilt or fuzzy blanket to snuggle up in.

    I’ve known a lot of readers who set-up their own home library, complete with a comfortable reading chair. I’d love to have that some day, maybe even add a pastel carpet and beanbag for days when I feel like stretching. Currently, I read on my bed or on my home office chair. I live in a tropical country, but it doesn’t get extremely warm until March so I’ve adapted to using a fluffy blanket for the colder days.

    Whether you read lying down or sitting, having your own comfortable reading space in the house not only up your reading experience, but it also helps you focus on the book more.

  2. Set the ambience
    Nowadays, a lot of people tend to do their reading via listening to audiobooks, which creates a whole different ambience altogether. But for the physical and digital readers, you can set your reading ambience by playing some background music or a set of digital white noise you can easily find online.

    A common choice amongst readers are either rain sounds or crackling fireplace. Here are some that I listen to:
    Coffee Shop (For the days when you miss reading in your local cafe since the pandemic)

    I used to read when I commute going to work pre-pandemic, and whenever I miss that, I play this while I read. I have an entire playlist on YouTube dedicated for this. Personally, majority of the time, I prefer to listen to LoFi music.

  3. Grab your reading journal
    Even if you’re not a beta reader or book reviewer, keeping a notebook nearby where you can jot down notes and mini reviews will come in handy. This also allows you to go back on these notes in the future if you need to, like if you plan to reread a book after a year or so. If you prefer annotating directly on your book, that’s good too but if you have somewhere else to write, you can expound on your thoughts. You can either use a traditional pen and paper type of journal or you can do it digitally if you’re living a paperless lifestyle.

    Others decorate their reading journals, but I personally keep mine simple. I don’t also use a journal every time I read because I don’t like stopping just to take down notes. Usually, I finish the entire book first before I deeply analyze my emotions and thoughts on it for when I write reviews. Lately, I’ve had a lot of e-ARCs so I make it a habit to keep a journal by my bedside for easy access.

  4. Change in comfortable clothes
    Some colorful and comfy pajamas might be the top choice, but if for some reason you cannot be bothered to change into something else every time you pick up your book, you can opt for a cute pair of socks.

    I’m really not particular with this habit. I’ll read whenever I feel like it and I personally wouldn’t go out of my way to change into another set of clothes but that’s because I’ve been working from home in the past three years. Meaning, I’m always in my house clothes anyway.

  5. Prepare snacks and yummy treats
    There are some who do most of their reading in cafes or while eating breakfast at home. If you’re the type of reader who doesn’t mind eating while reading, then you probably have your favorite reading snacks. On your next visit to the grocery, don’t forget to stock up on your favorite snacks and treats so you can enjoy them on your next reading adventure!

    I don’t have a specific food in mind, but I’ve always wished that I knew how to bake because I really enjoy donuts and banana bread [and not just when I’m reading]. When I want to munch on something while reading, I usually put together whatever is available at home — almost like a charcutrie, but for sweets and chips.

I’d say anything sweet and salty snacks are my kindred spirit, but it’s probably gummy worms. It’s sweet but there’s a hint of saltiness as well. They’re also very colorful and almost transparent — just like me, my emotions are almost always reflected easily. What you see is what you get. I wish there are a lot more choices from where I live when it comes to gummy treats, I’d love to try different ones too.

Also, for YA readers out there, you might want to check out a fantasy and sci-fi 2022 release, The Kindred by Alechia Dow.

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Let me know what your favorite reading snack is in the comment section. I’d also love to connect with all of you so feel free to follow me on my social media accounts. Happy reading, Sparks!

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